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For the cool season, warm sweaters and sweatshirts are a real find. In them, you feel confident on the street during long walks, active recreation, trips to work. The main thing is to choose the right style and material. The cabanchi brand offers stylish and practical items for cold weather. Here you can buy a jacket or an insulated sweatshirt that will not let you down!

Features of the material

The material from which our insulated sweatshirts are made is footer. This is a popular fabric called three-thread, which contains cotton with elastane, but with a fleece lining on the inside. Due to this, the material provides maximum thermal protection even in severe frosts.

Here are some reasons to choose a fleece sweatshirt:

  • reliable protection against cold - withstands up to +30 degrees;
  • resistance to moisture - can be worn in rain and snow;
  • good appearance - the material advantageously emphasizes the figure and does not create "creases";
  • long term of use - the fabric does not "sit down" after washing and retains its color well.

In addition, the material has good thermoregulation. When you wear such a sweatshirt, the fleece keeps you from freezing in the cold, but in a warm room, it won't be parko either. This is the optimal choice in terms of comfort.

Styles and colors available

Designers of the cabanchi brand always take a non-standard approach to creating new models, while not forgetting about comfort and practicality. You can buy a warm sweatshirt with a tight silhouette or oversized, with a round or V-shaped neckline, cuffs or elastic bands. It can be of standard length, shortened or elongated.

If you are looking for a fashionable sweatshirt with nachos in Kyiv, you should decide on a color. A wide selection of shades is available on our website: from classic black, white and flesh-colored to more original ones:

  • gray-green;
  • deep brown;
  • coral (cameo);
  • lava;
  • delphinium (salad);
  • khaki.

See all models to choose the best one for you and buy a sweatshirt (fleece) that will prevent you from getting cold in winter.