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There are universal things that never go out of fashion and should be in every woman's wardrobe. A vivid example of this is a women's textile suit. These clothes are always appropriate: at work, on a walk, in a restaurant, theater, cinema, and on the road. Moreover, the choice of models and fabrics today is simply huge. You can choose an option for any taste and season. Search for your dream suit right now in the cabanchi brand catalog!

What types of textiles do we use?

When our designers sew new things, they are always meticulous about the choice of materials. In particular, if it is necessary to make suits, they take textiles of premium quality and only those types that "fit" well and are worn. The most popular fabrics in our assortment:

  • Mixed linen - with the addition of polyester and viscose. An ideal option for summer - it is breathable, pleasant to the body and almost does not wrinkle.
  • Viscose is good for hot weather, because it easily absorbs moisture and has a "breathable" texture, does not wrinkle and does not electrify.
  • Cotton is a natural material, pleasant to the touch and with good ventilation.
  • Velvet is a blend of polyester, viscose and spandex that looks charming and is very comfortable to wear.

In addition to a selection of fabrics, we offer a wide range of styles and colors. So you will easily find the textile suit you like here.

The most popular models of textile suits

The cabanchi brand creates stylish and fashionable women's sets for everyday and special moments. Among them, the following styles are in the greatest demand:

  • a sweatshirt and trousers are the best option for a cool summer evening or autumn day;
  • trousers and vest – elegant and stylish suits for work, cultural recreation, city walks;
  • top and pants - a very interesting model that emphasizes femininity and protects from the summer heat;
  • a shirt with shorts complements a casual summer look.

Milk, beige, pink, orange, blue, black and other colors are available. One thing remains unchanged - high-quality textiles. A women's suit from cabanchi is always a bright image, comfort and practicality!