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Sweatshirts and jackets are in great demand among warm and demi-season clothes. These things are very similar to each other, but there are certain differences. A sweatshirt is always without fasteners, with a collar (mostly round), may have pockets along the seams. A jacket of a simpler cut, fitted, usually with cuffs on the sleeves. As for the material from which women's jackets and sweatshirts are made, three-thread is the optimal choice.

Why should you choose 3-thread?

This fabric consists of cotton and elastane, and its main feature is weaving, thanks to which the structure is dense and strong. This allows you to get material from which you can sew comfortable, stylish and practical things that have a long service life. If a three-piece is used as a basis, a sweatshirt or jacket has several important advantages:

  • excellent thermoregulation - suitable for outdoors and indoors, because it will not freeze in the cold, and sweat in the heat;
  • stylish appearance - the fabric does not wrinkle and does not break, it "sits" well on the figure;
  • comfort - women's three-thread sweatshirts are pleasant to the touch, do not cause skin irritation;
  • wear resistance - the fabric retains its properties and appearance for a long time, does not deteriorate from washing.

Features of the choice

The cabanchi brand offers a wide range of fashionable and high-quality sweaters and sweatshirts. The most popular styles:

  • simple fitted silhouette with cuffs on the sleeves and bottom;
  • shortened models with a wide neck;
  • oversized sweatshirt - loose cut and with voluminous sleeves;
  • models with cuts.

The site offers a wide selection of colors. If you want to refresh your image, you can buy a white women's sweatshirt. For those who like elegant classics, black models are suitable. And if you are in favor of brightness and originality, we can offer you a pink, green or red sweatshirt. And these are far from all the options. Scroll through the catalog to find a sweater that "looks" just for you!