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Do you want to diversify your image with something original? Then a win-win option is to buy a women's t-shirt with a print. It is not just clothes, but an expressive way of self-expression, an opportunity to express a position and feel special. In addition, such things lift your mood - as soon as you put them on, you immediately recharge your energy for the whole day. On the cabanchi website, you can find cool t-shirts for bright women who are not ashamed to be themselves.

Choose your print

Our designers are constantly working to ensure that every woman can find something for her soul in the catalog. Here are the most popular print options:

  • T-shirts with funny inscriptions are phrases that have long become memes. There is a laconic "burner", and a cheeky "good evening, we are from Ukraine", and a legendary saying about a ship, and many other interesting things.
  • Imitation of embroidery - looks stylish, because it combines modernity with traditions. Buying an embroidered T-shirt is the choice of extraordinary women who value practicality.
  • T-shirts with pictures - dreamcatchers, trident, map of Ukraine and many other options.

Choose a color and style

On the cabanchi website, you can buy a t-shirt with a pattern on a white or black background. These models are in the greatest demand due to their versatility - they are easily combined with any things. We also have models on a flesh-colored, blue background and other shades in our assortment.

There are 2 styles available:

  1. Classic T-shaped cut of a fitted silhouette - well emphasizes the figure.
  2. Oversize - free cut models.

It is worth buying a women's T-shirt with a text from the cabanchi brand not only for the cool inscriptions. We offer quality items that last a long time. Our prints do not fade after washing and do not fade - all thanks to a special application technology. So such a T-shirt will please you for more than one season!