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You want to be warm in winter in any weather. Then the right decision is to buy a women's winter down jacket. This outerwear is the best at keeping warm and is also very comfortable and practical. Under it, you can wear things of different styles - jeans, tracksuits, dresses, skirts, etc. The main thing is to choose the right down jacket for women, which will fit you and keep you warm in winter. We tell you how to do it in 3 steps!

Step 1 - choose a style

You and the down jacket will have to spend the whole winter together - and maybe more than one. So you must be a good match for each other. To begin with, you should decide which style will be able to advantageously emphasize your figure. In particular, a short women's down jacket fits short petite women. This is the best option for those who like to move a lot - you can even do sports in it outside. But such models are not suitable for very cold weather, because they cover only the upper part of the body. Therefore, it is better to wear women's elongated down jackets in the cold.

In general, there are several popular models of down jackets:

  • sports;
  • coat;
  • flared
  • free cut (oversize).

When you have already chosen a style, it is worth thinking about color and texture. In particular, the assortment of the cabanchi brand includes matte and varnished models of various shades - strict black, bright and calm tones.

Step 2 – we look at the material and filler

Most modern down jackets are made of polyester. This material repels water, does not wear out, is easy to wash. It retains its properties for a long time, so down jackets made of it can be worn for several years without problems. Among the fillers, the most popular are:

  • natural fluff;
  • eco down;
  • primaloft;
  • holofiber;
  • synthepon

In cabanchi down jackets, we use eco down as a filler. This modern material with microfibers has many advantages:

  • very light - almost weightless on the body, making it comfortable to wear;
  • does not cause allergies - unlike natural down;
  • waterproof - you won't get wet in the rain or snow;
  • ensures air circulation - you will not have the feeling of a "spacesuit";
  • retains heat well - withstands up to -40°C;
  • restores its shape - it can be washed in a machine.

Women's winter down jacket made of polyester and eco-down will not let you down even in severe frosts and will last for more than one season.

Step 3 – we define ourselves with the brand

There are brands with a very high reputation on the market. For example, Moncler is a premium category down jacket popular all over the world. But paying for this brand is very expensive. Instead, you can buy products of Ukrainian manufacturers, which are not inferior to anything and cost several times cheaper than a Moncler down jacket.

In the catalog of the cabanchi brand there are many interesting models of different lengths and colors. Here you can buy a women's down jacket at a good price, having received premium quality.