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Even if a woman adheres to an elegant classic style, there should still be something practical and comfortable in her wardrobe. In particular, fashionable pants that can be worn under a T-shirt, shirt, sweater, jacket, sweatshirt, hoodie. Things in this category are truly universal, they are suitable for various situations and provide maximum comfort. In the cabanchi online store, you can buy insulated pants made of high-quality fabrics, we offer styles for every taste and a wide range of colors.

Practical winter trousers made of three-thread

This item is the most popular in our catalog. According to the style, it is called jogger pants - with slightly widened legs, narrowed from the bottom. They are fixed with an elastic band on the waist, and with cuffs on the legs. They can be used as women's sports pants for outdoor training, as well as for walking, shopping, picnics, etc. You can also create a costume with them by adding a sweatshirt or hoodie of the same color.

When creating these clothes, we use high-quality modern materials. Our insulated pants are sewn from tri-thread - this is a special weaving of cotton with elastane. Thanks to this, the fabric is very dense and retains its shape well. For cool weather, we offer fleece pants - with nachos on the inside. They withstand frost up to -30 degrees.

Elegant pants with snaps

If you don't like women's sweatpants, and you want something more classic, you can choose a model with snaps. It looks more feminine and emphasizes the figure. In fact, these are wide trousers that have original folds on top, and are narrowed at the bottom, but are not fixed with a cuff. They are also made of tri-thread and can have a fleece nachos.

Original cargo

This model is distinguished by the fact that it has pockets on the knees. This is the choice of women who strive for non-standard looks and like to carry various trinkets with them, for which there is always not enough space.

Color options

In our assortment you can find:

  • classic colors - black or white pants;
  • neutral shades - beige, khaki, gray pants;
  • original colors - turquoise, pink, deep brown;
  • pants with a print.

Choose which model you like best!