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Every woman should have several "bottom" options in her wardrobe, which can be combined with T-shirts, blouses, tops, shirts, etc. It is desirable that they be in different styles - then you can change them depending on the situation or the weather. For example, you can buy women's shorts for active recreation in the summer heat, a skirt for work in the office, and leggings for walking. The range of the Ukrainian brand cabanchi includes all these items. Here you can choose quality things for everyday life and special moments.

Comfortable shorts

If you like practical clothes and casual style, then shorts are the perfect choice for you. They go well with t-shirts and tops, and can also be worn under a shirt. In our catalog there are models from different fabrics:

  • made of linen - comfortable summer shorts for women, which absorb moisture well and advantageously emphasize the figure;
  • made of raincoat fabric - ideal for sports training;
  • made of cotton - these women's shorts are stylish and elegant, they will fit well even into an office look;
  • from three-thread - a model for autumn cool weather.

Women's skirts

At any time, a women's skirt remains relevant and appropriate, but its styles change. Here are the most popular models from our assortment:

  • long in the shape of a trapezoid - an elegant summer skirt that goes well with tops and T-shirts;
  • with folding and a side cut - an extravagant option for those who like to attract attention;
  • the skirt is short, which advantageously emphasizes the beauty of the legs.

Stylish leggings

Long gone are the days when women's leggings were perceived purely as sportswear. Today they are worn under T-shirts, T-shirts, tops, and tunics. On our website, there are 2 styles of leggings - classic and shortened (bicycle). We sew them from ribana and cotton with elastane. We offer classic black and white models, as well as more original shades: gray, milky, khaki, etc. Choose which model suits you best!