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Today, a t-shirt for men has long since become universal clothing for all occasions. It harmoniously fits under jeans, shorts, classic trousers and sports pants. You can go to work and walks in it, actively relax, do sports, travel, etc. In addition, the modern assortment of T-shirts is simply amazing - they differ in the shape of the neck, sleeve length, cut, and design. On the website of the Ukrainian brand cabanchi, you can buy a stylish men's t-shirt made of high-quality material.

Types of T-shirts for men

Things in this category are available in a fairly wide range, you can choose an option to your taste. Here are the most popular styles:

  • classic - has a T-shaped silhouette with a round neck and short sleeves;
  • polo - with a stand-up collar and a pair of buttons in the upper part;
  • longsleeves – these men's t-shirts have long sleeves;
  • oversize – models with a free cut, not tied to a specific size.

When sewing T-shirts from materials, cotton is usually used, sometimes with the addition of elastane fibers. You can also find models made of synthetic fabrics - they are more suitable not for everyday wear, but for sports training.

Design options

The basic t-shirt remains the most popular of all time - it is the most simple monochromatic model with a classic cut. The cabanchi range is available in a variety of colors – from black and white to khaki, blue, cappuccino and other interesting shades.

If you're looking for something more original, maybe a printed t-shirt is for you. We offer models with popular inscriptions and drawings, in which you can easily feel special. We also have T-shirts with a hole in our assortment - stylish and comfortable clothes for the summer heat.

Cabanchi brand products are a combination of current fashion trends, quality materials and affordable prices. So if you need a men's t-shirt (Ukraine), choose the appropriate model and order it on our website!