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Denim items were once considered a work uniform, but those days are long gone. Today, this comfortable and practical clothing has become a part of our everyday life. It is not surprising, because you can wear denim anywhere - to work, for a walk, friendly gatherings, picnics, on the road, etc. And in different situations it will be appropriate and comfortable. Especially since denim items are harmoniously combined with t-shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, sweaters. If you need quality denim, the Ukrainian brand cabanchi offers a wide range of options. We use quality denim and adhere to modern fashion trends.

Stylish jeans for different tastes

There is a misconception that this type of clothing is not suitable for all women. But it is not so. Well-chosen jeans skillfully emphasize the figure and can even make it slimmer. In addition, they can become the flagship of the wardrobe due to the fact that they are a universal option of "bottom". After all, jeans can be worn under a warm sweatshirt, under a light T-shirt, under a classic blouse, and under a sports top.

This is exactly the position taken by the Ukrainian brand of cabanchi jeans. When sewing denim, we use author's patterns, which allows us to create stylish and practical clothes. Our jeans perfectly "sit" on the figure and are suitable for things of different styles. And thanks to the wide assortment, every woman will find something for herself here. The most popular models of jeans on our website:

  • mom – wide cut, with a high waist;
  • culottes - smoothly expand from the hip to the bottom;
  • capri - with a high waist and shortened length;
  • skinny - straight tight jeans;
  • with an arrow - expanded above and narrowed below;
  • summer - torn and with cuts.

On our website, you can choose any color of jeans - the Ukrainian brand cabanchi offers a wide range of shades. Classic blue, dark blue, black, blue, milk models are in the greatest demand.

Practical and comfortable jackets

If you already have jeans in your wardrobe, you can put together a set by buying a jacket of the same color. It will warm you in cool weather and will effectively complement the image. A denim jacket can be worn over a t-shirt, shirt, T-shirt, top, or sweater.

The cabanchi brand offers quality denim in Ukraine in a wide range. You can choose a jacket of a stylish style and favorite color from our catalog. We offer long and shortened models, loose and tight, with buttons or buttons, with waist and chest pockets. Some models are supplemented with vertical seams, which visually make the figure slimmer. The most popular shades: blue, blue and milky. 
Spectacular shorts
For the summer season, an irreplaceable thing is denim shorts, in which you will feel comfortable anywhere. They are suitable for walking, shopping, picnic, travel and other situations. Shorts go well with t-shirts, tops and T-shirts, and can also be worn under a shirt. On the cabanchi website, you can find interesting universal models of this clothing. In particular, Bermuda shorts are knee-length denim shorts with an extension from the hip. They look stylish and elegant, thanks to which they will be appropriate even in the office. 
If you are looking for quality denim, buying a Ukrainian product from cabanchi is a win-win solution. After all, we create clothes that look spectacular, emphasize the figure and wear well. Our denim items do not "sit down" and do not fade after washing and retain their appearance and shape for a long time. In addition, you can buy them at affordable prices. Choose your set of jeans with a jacket and don't forget shorts for the summer season!