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Aromadiffuser Salted Caramel

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Aromadiffuser Salted Caramel



Perfumed aroma diffuser Salted Caramel from and the Ukrainian perfume brand Inro. 

Original niche aroma with notes of caramel, sugar, toffee, milk and malt. 

Presented in a bottle with Salted Caramel perfume and special fibrous scented sticks. Volume -130 ml. 

How to use an aroma diffuser? 

Open the bottle and install 2-3 sticks. If the aroma diffuser is in a large room, increase the number of sticks to 5-6 pieces. 

The structure of the sticks is porous, which allows the perfume to permeate them well. 

Thanks to the capillary principle, the liquid gradually permeates the sticks, rising to the top, and evaporates, filling the room with a delicate aroma. 

A little secret: after 2-3 weeks, take out the sticks, turn them over and put them back in the bottle. So the liquid will be used more rationally and efficiently. 

Composition and care

Volume -130 ml. 

Model parameters

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