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Black linen long shirt

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Black linen long shirt
Black linen long shirt



Women`s black color linen long shirt by CABANCHI.COM 

FABRIC: 100% line    

Model's height - 175 cm     

Model's parameters - 86-60-92 cm    

Model's size - U 

Recommendations for the care of linen things.

To make sure that things are always in perfect condition - we recommend washing them only by hand.

Clothes made of linen in bright and dark colors we recommend wash no more than 10 minutes, at a temperature no higher than 27°C, separately from the other things, especially contrasting colors.

Rinse things thoroughly after washing to wash the remnants of the detergent.

Don't use aggressive products or chlorine for washing.

It's possible to use an air conditioner to soften the fabric.

Don't use high speed to spin things.

We recommend drying things outdoors by decomposing them horizontally and protecting them from direct sunlight.

We recommend ironing things only on a special low made from the back (inner) side of the fabric.

Attention! On the fabric may appear "spools" when you wear the thing.

It's important to understand that their appearance isn't a defect of the material or its defect, and they aren't covered by the warranty.

Linen things can shrink up to 4%. 

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