september 1, 2018

Make a purchase - get a present!

Create your autumn outfits with Cabanchicom!

Make a purchase in the amount of UAH 3000 and get a dress as a present! Two colors to choose from - burgundy or grey.

So, let’s start shopping!

august 2, 2018

Collaboration & Royenko Agency

If you do what you like, it will definitely shoot!

We checked it with Royenko Agency!

We are talking about creative collaboration from & Royenko Agency in creating a limited collection of T-shirts  PRO_явись for marketers.

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28 DECEMBER 2017

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Sincerely we congratulate you with the upcoming holidays – Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!

Let these bright holidays bring you only joy and good mood,

let happiness and love reign in your family and circle of friends.

We wish you the smile always shines on your face and good luck accompanies everything!

Make wishes faster, because in such a wonderful time of the year they simply must fulfill!

Good weekends!

With love,

14 NOVEMBER 2017

Dear Clients!

Concern at the increased number of lost orders by the courier service Nova Poshta, we decided to insure parcels for the real value of the goods.

This procedure is slightly increases the cost of delivery. (If the parcel is lost, Nova Poshta will refund the amount indicated in the assessed value).

We can, at your request, indicate a minimum estimated value. In this case, our company is not responsible for the safety of sending the delivery service Nova Poshta, as well as for spoiling the goods.

Thank you for understanding.

Sincerely yours,

26 OCTOBER 2017

How to care for clothes on fleece

  • Hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle in cool water (up to 30 C)
  • Avoid using the tumble dryer
  • Wash separately from other items
  • Use a mild, enzyme-free and bleach-free detergent-specialist wool detergents are available
  • Ironing at a temperature (up to 30 C), fleece inside
  • It is important to know:
  • Under dark and bright colors of fleece, underwear should be worn darker or in color
  • Washing separately from other types of fabrics
  • Fleece can roll down or compact in places of bends

Attention! All kinds of knitwear with a melange thread have the property of rolling down
in course of time

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

Official opening of Cabanchi.nail

Our mission is to help you to be beautiful every day. First it was brand of clothing that won the hearts of thousands of girls. And now - we are happy to introduce our first nail bar! The official opening of Cabanchi.nail took place simultaneously with the opening of the second clothing store, on September 29 in the very center of Kharkov. We know the secret of happiness for girls! What does that require? To look to us at:

Sumskaya str., 82-a, to arrange shopping and make a manicure! We are waiting for you every day from 10 to 20

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

Opening of the second brand store

September 29 there was one more important event in the life of our brand.

We celebrated the opening of the second brand store.

Now in Kharkov!

We are thankful to every guest who came to us on the holiday. Thank you for your congratulations, warm words and that you shared this special day with us! We look forward to all those who have not yet managed to come us every day from 10 to 20 at the address:

Kharkov, Sumskaya str., 82-a

SEPTEMBER 27, 2017


September 29, the official opening of our brandstore in Kharkov! Now we work everyday, without days off in the very center of the city – Sumskaya str., 82-a.

With love,

JULY 25, 2017

Courier service

Dear Clients!

We are happy to inform you: there is a courier service around Kiev.

Now all you need is to choose the necessary items and specify the delivery address, and our courier will bring you order.

The cost of the service is 50 UAH.

Also the service "things for fitting" is available (no more than three items), the cost – 75 UAH.

Use our new service, you can make shopping from any district of Kiev! We are sure that you will appreciate it.

For orders more than 3,500 UAH you can choose:

  • free delivery (by courier in Kiev or Nova Poshta)
  • a key ring - as a present!
JUNE 29, 2017

First anniversary!

randstore Cabanchicom at Basseynaya str., 13 celebrated it’s first birthday!

It was a real girl's holiday! With champagne, delicious sweets from @krupka.macarons, there were fitting and prizes. Every hour, there was a lot of gifts and certificates from Cabanchicom. Birthday passed, as expected, in a great atmosphere of smiles and positive. Customers left away with good mood.

We have big plans for the future and we look at with optimism.

We have plans to open new brandstores in different regions of Ukraine, produce of new collections and further renewal of the assortment.

Thank you all for being with us. We want to find new friends and to make happy our regular clients.
stay with us and check for our updates!


JULY 1, 2016

Opening of a brandstore

The first brandstore was opened in the center of Kiev.

After the unexpected success of selling basic clothing, the brand's founders decided to use not only online-sales, but also to open their own store in the center of the capital.

On the first day of the openning, guests appreciated the new collection and make good cheer of champagne, after that guests won pleasant gifts from in various competitions.



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