- базовая одежда, для которой найдется место в каждом гардеробе. Удобная и практичная, сделанная из натуральных материалов и стильная-ты еще видишь причины остановить свой выбор на чем-то другом?
A must-have for the brave, stylish and self-confident! Casual clothing for those ladies who know they need only a couple of things to look special! What kind of things – take a look on our website!
How it all began?
The story of began with Anna’s victory in the fourth season of the “Bachelor” show which was on the STB TV channel. “Yes, I’ve managed to make my mark in the first episode already by telling the bachelor’s friend to “hit the road as a boar”. Maybe due to my courage and forthrightness audience remembered me. That’s why it didn’t take long for me and Marina to come up with the loud name for the brand which would be “with character”. As for the clothes it’s every girl’s dream to find something that is comfortable, practical and fits perfectly! That’s how we’ve created something that we’re going to wear every day ourselves.”